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Alan Tsai

When I was diagnosed with Eczema in 2006, I went to countless doctors to receive treatment. Whether it was taking anti-biotics, steroids, anti-fungal or NSAIDs it seemed like it only delivered temporary relief. The itching and pain would come back twice as strong when I wouldn’t use it. I realized that these medicines were only covering up these symptoms and not actually fixing the root of my sickness. That’s when I realized that I needed to take a whole body approach that involved a healthy diet, active lifestyle and some type of stress relief. It took a lot of willpower to convert to a raw organic plant based diet. My Eczema dissipated after what started with a seven day juice cleanse and two months of completely raw organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I also believe that running and yoga as a stress reliever contributed to the healing effect. The exhilaration of being able to go out in public and not be embarrassed required dedication to this lifestyle. The significant amount of energy and time it takes to find, purchase, juice and clean up demands discipline. Thus, Pure Juice Organics was created to provide untroublesome healthy lifestyle for the busy people in Silicon Valley.